IIGCC’s Corporate programme is focused on listed equity and corporate bonds. It supports members in effective stewardship and active ownership of investments.

Our work helps inform, align and support investors in ultimately safeguarding and enhancing long term returns across their investments in listed equity and corporate bonds. This includes a focus on seeking to ensure investee companies are working to business strategies that are consistent with the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Programme activities includes supporting collaborative investor engagement with companies, in addition to undertaking research and analysis on climate risk and opportunity across sectors including oil and gas, utilities, mining, autos and materials. IIGCC’s European Climate Action 100+ Group is a key part of the broader Climate Action 100+ initiative, in which we play a leading role. This is an unprecedented global investor initiative to ensure the world’s largest corporate greenhouse gas emitters take necessary action on climate change.

Members participating in the programme get the latest information and guidance on shareholder resolutions and other high-profile engagement strategies. Collaboration with members also includes a focus on best practice and cutting-edge approaches to engagement, stewardship and climate research.


  • Implementation of the Climate Action 100+ initiative in Europe across all key sectors.
  • Supporting investors in carrying out engagement with companies, focusing on enhancing governance, curbing emissions and strengthening climate-related financial disclosure.
  • Developing investor guidance across various sectors to inform engagement with companies.
  • Peer-to-peer collaboration and roundtables on a range of advanced stewardship techniques including bond holder engagement, voting policy and strategy, and auditor engagement.
  • Developing strategies for the use of shareholder resolutions and other public engagement tactics, such as letters and AGM statements.
  • Providing updates on the latest shareholder resolution activity in the US.

Key Topics

Corporate Engagement

IIGCC’s European Climate Action 100+ group, facilitates collaborative investor engagement with over 50 companies in Europe, across the property, oil and gas, mining, autos, utilities, steel, chemicals and building materials sectors. As such, it leads European corporate engagement as part of the broader global Climate Action 100+ investor initiative.


The Resolutions subgroup provides a forum for discussion on the development and implementation of shareholder resolutions across Europe. It supports company and sector engagement that IIGCC coordinates as part of Climate Action 100+.  It also provides information for members on the latest shareholder resolution activity in the US.

Climate & Corporates Research

Bringing together experts and investors to assess and develop resources, the Climate and Corporate Research workstream covers the impacts of climate change on corporate equity and debt holdings across exposed sectors. This includes an emphasis on best practice approaches to advanced stewardship tools, like climate specific voting policies and evaluation of climate risks.

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