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Our work

Climate change poses a series of significant short, medium and long-term challenges for investors.

Being able to respond ensures they can effectively manage financial risk and make the most of opportunities. It is part of their fiduciary responsibility to their clients and beneficiaries, while at the same time, helping to protect the planet.

While no single party can shoulder the responsibility for tackling these challenges alone, investors are in a powerful position to support the decarbonisation of the global economy and allocate capital towards climate solutions. In doing so, they are able to reduce the risk that climate change poses to their clients’ and beneficiaries' investments.

We work closely with investors to provide guidance, frameworks, tools and support. We help them to respond to challenges and integrate management of climate-related risks and opportunities into their investment processes. Our mission focuses on bringing the investment community together to make significant progress towards a net zero and climate resilient future by 2030. To achieve this, we work with investors in four key areas:


Our work is delivered across three programme areas - corporate, investor strategies and policy - and covers a range of important topics, including net zero, adaptation and resilience and nature.

We have also developed a number of flagship tools and frameworks to support investors on their climate journeys, and we play a leading role in a number of significant investor initiatives, as well as running topic-focused working groups.