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Nature Action 100

It was announced during COP15 in Montreal that we had been selected, alongside North American partner Ceres, to lead the Secretariat and corporate engagement work for Nature Action 100, a new nature-focused corporate engagement initiative.


Nature Action 100 is a global investor engagement initiative that aims to mobilise institutional investors to establish a common high-level agenda for engagements and a clear set of expectations to drive greater corporate ambition and action on nature and biodiversity loss.

Specifically, the initiative will:

  • Map sector pathways for driving greater corporate ambition and action on nature.
  • Coordinate, inform, and support engagements between investors and company executives and board members.
  • Detail ambitious actions that need to be undertaken by companies to protect and restore nature.
  • Track the progress of companies against key benchmark indicators and provide annual progress updates.

Investors participating in the initiative will focus on companies in key sectors that are deemed to be systemically important in reversing nature and biodiversity loss by 2030, a critical threshold scientists say is necessary to avoid more catastrophic climate change.

Key sectors include biotechnology and pharmaceuticals; chemicals, such as agricultural chemicals; household and personal goods; consumer goods retail, including e-commerce and speciality retailers and distributors; food, ranging from meat and dairy producers to processed foods; food and beverage retail; forestry and packaging, including forest management and pulp and paper products; and metals and mining. These sectors are major drivers of nature loss due to their large impacts on habitat loss, overexploitation of resources, and soil, water, and solid waste pollution.

The initiative opened to investors in June 2023, and the initial engagement letters are expected to be delivered to a list of 100 companies later in 2023.

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