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Building on our Investor Expectations for Banks, published in 2021, and in conjunction with the Transition Pathway Initiative (TPI), we have now published a Net Zero Standard for Banks that works alongside TPI's Banking Assessment Framework to support investor engagement with banks.


The standard and framework will allow investors to clearly understand and engage with 26 assessed banks on their respective net zero transition plans. 

Expectations are set and measured based on 10 key areas: bank commitments; targets; exposure and emissions disclosure; emissions performance; decarbonisation strategy; climate solutions; policy engagement (lobbying); climate governance; just transition; and annual reporting and accounting disclosures; and complements the Net Zero Investment Framework (NZIF).

Our banks working group, which includes more than 25 investors, will use the standard and framework to engage with 20 banks across Europe, Canada and Asia. The principles of the standard can be used by investors in engagements with the broader banking sector.

The following IIGCC members are members of the IIGCC Net Zero Banks Working Group, as of June 2023. The working group's vision statement can be viewed here. These members are either involved in bank engagements and/or contribute to research on how banks might transition to net zero.

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