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Paris Aligned Asset Owners

We launched the Paris Aligned Asset Owners commitment alongside the publication of the Net Zero Investment Framework in March 2021.

At the same time, we announced that three other regional partners were joining to ensure global relevance and to support those making commitments and setting targets under the initiative.

Paris Aligned Asset Owners is a global group of 56 asset owners, with over $3.3 trillion in assets. They have committed to transitioning their investments to achieve net zero portfolio GHG emissions by 2050, or sooner, drawing on the Net Zero Investment Framework to deliver these commitments.

These commitments are complemented by a number of asset managers who are already working with clients on net zero alignment. Many of these asset managers have already made net zero commitments through the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative.

Investor strategies programme

Members can find out more about current work within the investor strategies programme here