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IIGCC annual report highlights successes in 2023 and sets out strategy for the year ahead


This year our annual report is as much about what’s coming next for our members as it is about what happened in 2023. Without a doubt - it’s been a remarkable year for IIGCC.

The report opens with a foreword from Stephanie Pfeifer, IIGCC CEO and Faith Ward, Chair of the IIGCC Board, acknowledging the significant progress that IIGCC has made against a backdrop of hugely complex challenges that investors are facing. A cost-of-living crisis and rising inflation, an ongoing energy crisis and new geopolitical shocks, all while the world draws closer to exceeding warming of 1.5°C.


But as the report shows, there are reasons to be optimistic. From the increasing number of investors setting and making progress towards their net zero commitments to progress for nature and biodiversity. And for investor members, Stephanie and Faith reiterate that our position allows us to best support investors committed to net zero:


“We are not swayed by short-term events or turns of the market. This affords us the ability to remain laser-focused on our long-term mission, to bring the investment community together to make significant progress towards a net zero and resilient future by 2030.”

The document includes hyperlinks throughout, making it easier for readers to jump to a specific section or area of interest.

What happened in 2023

Our highlights from the year are structured under four key areas. These identify where we work closely with investors, helping them respond to challenges and integrate the management of climate-related risks and opportunities into their investment process:


  1. Set ambition
  2. Implement and manage
  3. Catalyse momentum and drive further action
  4. Build capacity

‘The future’ section on p.16-17 outlines where we’ll be focusing our work in 2024 in beyond, informed by recent feedback from our members. We’ve identified these areas as having the potential to be most impactful and beneficial, providing maximum value from membership of IIGCC.

This includes an updated Net Zero Investment Framework and ongoing work to integrate nature across all of our work, as well as expanded support across our corporate engagement initiatives. Raising the profile of climate issues in upcoming elections for the European Parliament and UK will also be key.

Also included is a look at IIGCC in numbers, our history, our growing team of experts and the breadth and depth of experience in our Board of Directors. The value that all of this delivers is reflected in an increasing number of investor members - and the best is yet to come.

Join us for a moment to reflect on 2023 and look ahead to 2024, as we continue to move from commitment to implementation, unlocking investor action.