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IIGCC responds to IPSF consultation on a common ground taxonomy


We have submitted a response to the International Platform on Sustainable Finance's (IPSF) consultation on the Common Ground Taxonomy (CGT) Table, which was published in November 2021. 

The CGT can be used to improve the comparability and future interoperability of taxonomies around the world. Hence, it intends to provide more clarity and transparency about the commonalities and differences between approaches and eventually lower the transboundary cost of green investments and scale up the mobilisation of green capital internationally. It also provides a solid methodology on the basis of which other taxonomies can be compared in the future.

The CGT table is the result of an in-depth comparison exercise that puts forward areas of commonality and differences between the EU and China’s green taxonomies. This first publication covers the initial phase of work which will be expanded over time. The table was published alongside an Instruction Report from the International Platform on Sustainable Finance on the “Common Ground Taxonomy – Climate Change Mitigation”.

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