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Guide to COP27: 10-17 November and what’s next after COP


Investors might look to pause for breath after an undoubtedly busy Finance Day, but the conversation continues into Thursday and week two, beginning with a focus on resilience. To help, we’ve mapped out some important moments to look out for as well as those with IIGCC speakers or affiliation.

Specific events are underlined and the ‘look out for‘ tips highlight agendas that may be of interest. All events are Eastern European Time (+2) in line with the local time zone.

 10 November: Science and Youth Day/Resilience

The Investor Agenda: Supporting investors to implement net-zero commitments, Blue Zone Room 9, 16:45-17:45 

This event sees senior representatives from the Investor Agenda speak to asset owners, asset managers, and fellow investor networks as they explore how Investor Climate Action Plans (ICAPs), engaging companies, and enabling policy frameworks can help make net zero portfolios a reality.

Stephanie Pfeifer speaks on behalf of IIGCC alongside Faith Ward, Chair of the IIGCC Board and Chief Responsible Investment Officer for Brunel Pension Partnership. Members can register online as well as attend in person.

#BuildingtoCOP ‘3+1’: Buildings’ role for a resilient future, Blue Zone Buildings Pavilion, 13:30-16:30

IIGCC’s Hugh Garnett, the Buildings to COP coalition and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) discuss the role of buildings and the built environment in a resilient future.

This participation builds on IIGCC working group activity which will pick up speed in 2023. Catch up on past real estate webinars here.

Look out for: The Bloomberg Green event, running across 9 and 10 November in the Four Seasons Hotel. Members can join virtually or apply for tickets directly.

 11 November: Decarbonisation Day, UNFCCC Industry Day

Getting to net zero in energy intensive industries, IPCC, Climate Action Pavilion, 09:00-10:15 

The IPCC has a packed agenda across the week with live streams open to the public. This conversation features speakers from Imperial College London, the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations and Center for Energy Efficiency.

Look out for: Marrakech Partnership implementation labs on cement and steel, running from 12:00-16:00 in the Lotus area of the UNFCCC Blue Zone space, available on the UNFCCC YouTube.

 12 November: Adaptation and Agriculture, UNFCC Land Use

Expect activity to slow on Saturday as negotiators prepare for a well-earned Sunday rest, however events continue on land use, regenerative agriculture, and adaptable food systems in the UNFCCC Marrakech Partnership space.

Unlocking Private Sector Finance for Climate Adaptation, UN Environment Programme, EU Pavilion 09:30–10:30

Speakers from the UNEPFI, World Economic Forum and Lightsmith showcase ways to engage with the private sector early in implementation of national adaptation processes. Available live and on-demand via the EU side event platform.

 13 November: Rest and World Climate Summit

The World Climate Summit holds a two-day event on 13 and 14 November at the Park Regency Hotel, with IIGCC supporting as a partner.

Mobilising Finance for Adaptation, Park Regency, 1130-1230

Stephanie Pfeifer joins a panel to explore which finance mechanisms and innovation opportunities are best suited to address the adaptation finance gap in developing countries.

Members can register to join virtually and for those in person, IIGCC has several complementary passes available – please speak to our events manager for more details on how to apply.

 14 November: UNFCCC Water Day

Financing adaptation: Implementing 10 principles for effective action, EU side event, 1430-1530

In this EU side event speakers from the World Bank, BNP Paribas and the UNEPFI discuss how to lower emissions and mitigate the impacts of climate change. Available to join virtually or in person.

 15 November: Energy Day/Gender Day

Members enrolled on the EU side event platform may also be interested in a discussion on carbon pricing tools, with speakers from the UN Committee of the Regions and the Netherlands environmental assessment agency.

Look out for: A Marrakech Partnership Implementation Lab on clean power, taking place 14:00-15:30 at the UNFCCC Lotus space and on YouTube.

 17 November: Biodiversity Day and Solutions Day

Spotting embodied carbon – opportunities, barriers and first moves for low-carbon products markets in the build environment, Buildings Pavilion, 13:30-16:30

IIGCC Senior Programme Manager, Hugh Garnett joins the World Green Buildings Council and the WBCSD for a detailed discussion on embodied carbon and the opportunities represented by transition, live on the UNFCCC YouTube.

After COP27: Where next for delivering net zero and resilience through just transitions? London School of Economics, ILO Pavilion, 10:00-11:30

After this flurry of action, how can the just transition be included in net zero and resilience? IIGCC Senior Programme Manager, Danielle Boyd joins speakers from the International Labour Organisation, Planet Tracker, the Scottish just Transition Commission, GFANZ and more to highlight the opportunities, threats, and priorities that remain for a just transition after COP27. Available via the UNFCCC YouTube.

This list below shows how to register online for many of the most relevant sessions for investors:

Globally, the world will assess the promises and progress made. The hope is that this Conference of the Parties lives up to its title as the event of implementation.

If you’d like to know more about becoming an IIGCC member, reach out to our membership manager, Charlie today.