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COP27: Daily snapshot 10/11

COP27: Daily snapshot 10/11
  • The BBC reports that fossil fuel delegates at COP27 have grown by 25%
  • US climate envoy John Kerry confirms meeting with Chinese counterpart
  • The EU continues to downplay loss and damage commitment

Fossil fuel delegates attending COP27 rise sharply

The BBC has reported a 25% increase in COP27 attendees with links to the fossil fuel industry, citing research from campaign group, Global Witness. The researchers counted all registered attendees who were either directly affiliated with fossil fuel companies or attending as members of national delegations that act on behalf of the fossil fuel industry.

The data suggests that part of the increase comes from a larger than usual United Arab Emirates delegation, ahead of its role as host-nation next year for COP28.

John Kerry meets with Chinese counterpart, Xie Zhenhua at COP27

US media views the meeting as cautiously positive, including The Washington Post, after dialogue between the two nations ended when US Speaker, Nancy Pelosi travelled to Taiwan in August. China considers Taiwan to be a breakaway province.

As the world’s biggest polluter, China’s energy transition is of vital importance to the planet. The US, the next largest global polluter, emits around half as much. Together they account for almost half the world’s global emissions, according to Climate Trade.

The EU and US deflect loss and damage commitment

Although the topic has dominated headlines with symbolic gestures committed by member states, Euractiv reiterates that the EU will not refer to “liability and compensation” in any discussions around loss and damage.

European Commission’s director general for climate action, Jacob Werksman, says: “we will start a conversation that is broad enough to be able to contain within it multiple solutions to what we see as a very complex and challenging problem.”

All the latest from COP27

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