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At IIGCC, we believe in creating change the world needs by unlocking investor action on climate change.

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We are the leading European-focused investor membership organisation for collaboration on climate change.


2022 Year in Review


As highlighted by the foreword of our 2022 Annual Report, the shifting focus towards climate resilience and adaptation along with mitigation efforts is arguably the key trend that has emerged on the global climate stage in 2022. This was demonstrated by its prevalence throughout COP27.

Addressing climate resilience and adaption has also been a key focus for IIGCC this year. Our latest Annual Report covers key milestones and progress from each of our programmes. We’ve worked closely with members this year to develop and expand tools and guidance to support investors in incorporating climate considerations into their portfolios, engaging with companies and advocating for a supportive policy environment.

We also reflect on IIGCC’s growth. We’ve come a long way in 20 years, from fewer than 10 members and 1 staff member to a team of 40 with 400 members representing almost $60 trillion in AUM in 2022.

Watch our short animation here and read our highlights below for a high level summary of our key milestones. 

Download the full report here.