IIGCC’s Property programme supports investors in integrating climate change considerations into the management and decision-making processes across property investment portfolios.

The programme helps investors work towards better alignment of the real estate sector with the goals of the Paris Agreement and adaptation to climate change. This is relevant given the impact of climate change on the performance of property investments through changing weather patterns, ground conditions and sea level rises.

The performance of property investments is also being indirectly  impacted through necessary legislative or regulatory responses to climate change. Investment opportunities in turn are emerging with sector disruption, as new technologies and products come to the market in response to these changes. Through the programme, members are better placed to identify and respond to these emerging challenges and opportunities.


  • Informing institutional investors about the effects that climate change and related policy responses may have on the prospective performance of property investments.
  • Promoting good practice amongst investors on minimisation of climate-related risk across property investments.
  • Reviewing related emerging climate change policy developments with respect to their design and impact on the property market, and risks to the performance of property investments.
  • Engagement with policymakers at the national, regional and international level to suggest appropriate policy approaches to reduce climate change impacts whilst maintaining returns from property investment.
  • Peer-to-peer collaboration and learning through workshops, roundtables and guidance documents.
  • Carry out, commission and promote research and the research of others, on the contribution of property to climate change or key aspects of the property investment process, where those impacts could be reduced.
  • Collaborate where appropriate with like-minded groups and initiatives, notably when engaging on global issues.

There are no sub-programme workstreams for the Property programme.

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