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Member webinar series: Net Zero Voting

4-part series
Member webinar series: Net Zero Voting

Date and time

29 February - 12 March 2024

About this event

Register to watch all or part of our four-part series which focuses on net zero voting following the publication of our net zero voting paper. This webinar series is only available to IIGCC members. 

Session times

15 February - 11am 

20 February - 11am 

29 February - 2pm 

12 March - 3pm 

Session Details

Part 1: Introduction to Net Zero Voting (15 Feb) 

  • An overview of IIGCC’s three principles for net zero voting 
  • How voting can support investors’ climate objectives and targets and its link to the Net Zero Investment Framework (NZIF)  
  • Scoping and escalating net zero voting.  

Part 2: Communicating Net Zero Voting (20 Feb) 

  • The importance of communicating net zero voting policies and actions
  • Insights into pre-declaring and flagging votes and other methods of communication 

Part 3: Net Zero Voting: Director Accountability (27 Feb) 

  • Considering climate when voting on the election of directors  
  • Practical examples/case studies 

Part 4: Net Zero Voting: Routine and Other Resolutions (12 March) 

  • Using routine and other resolutions, including votes on remuneration, accounting and auditors, to support net zero stewardship, engagement and investment approaches 
  • Voting on Say on Climate resolutions 
  • Shareholder resolutions in 2024, including NGOs