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Berlin Green Investment Summit

Thursday September 24, 4:00 pm - 4:45 pm

The Berlin Green Investment Summit is an annual gathering of investors focused on positive environmental impact, portfolio decarbonization and divest-invest strategies, to exchange their experiences, views, and strategies. This year’s virtual Berlin Green Investment Summit (BGIS) will be held as a series of short quarterly video calls on the topic: Business solutions to close the climate finance gap.

The event of 24 September will include presentations by Dagmar Nixdorf, Managing Director of NIXDORF Finanz GmbH, Davor Sutija, Chief Executive Officer at NexWafe, Igor Kocis, CEO at GA drilling and Tim Houter- Co-founder & CEO at Hardt Hyperloop.

The aim of the event is to showcase four important entrepreneurial initiatives. Each can play a major role in reducing and closing the climate finance gap. Speakers will be asked to present their business plans with significant impact on the world.

Break-out sessions will focus on the following:

1) what is your own background and interest in the field,

2) what we think about the presentations we just heard,

3) what is needed to efficiently allocate the €750bn of EU COVID stimulus package, of which €250bn are to support “EU Green Deal” projects

4) how would you allocate the €250bn,

5) how would the announced EU-CO2-border-tax impact the “old economy” and the new businesses which presented today

Finally, a closing panel of speakers will then discuss the break-out session results.

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Thursday September 24
4:00 pm - 4:45 pm