Climate change is an issue the investment sector cannot afford to ignore.

The necessary global response to climate change is redefining the traditional roles and responsibilities of financial actors. The investment process is being reshaped, new policy and regulatory frameworks put in place, and concepts of stewardship and governance transformed. Climate-related risks and opportunities hold direct relevance for all financial institutions.

IIGCC membership enables organisations to ensure:

  • They are part of the solution to climate change;
  • Able to demonstrate their leadership on the issue;
  • And stay ahead of the curve on what it means them.

This includes being better placed to safeguard and enhance the long-term value of investments through participation in our work.

Working in close collaboration with our members, we help champion and shape the public policies, develop the investment practices and support the corporate action required to address the long-term financial risks associated with climate change. In so doing, we help unlock direct benefit for investors and society more broadly in supporting the necessary transition to a sustainable, low carbon economy.

If you are interested in IIGCC’s work and how to become a member, please get in touch to arrange a call with our CEO or Project Director, or see below for more on the benefits of membership.

Slide Environmental, social and governance considerations sit at the heart of our business. In putting the investor perspective on climate change on the European and global agenda, IIGCC has been a pioneer in the sustainable finance space for many years. Being able to contribute as a member in continuing to move the sector forward is an important way for BNP Paribas Asset Management to demonstrate that we put our values into practice. Frederic Janbon - CEO, BNP Paribas Asset Management Slide Climate change is the biggest challenge the world currently faces, affecting all countries and sectors of the global economy. It is vital that investors, as stewards of global capital, play a leading role in supporting the transition to a low-emission and climate-resilient future. We support IIGCC’s efforts in driving this crucial agenda forward and encourage all investors to ensure they are actively contributing to the transformation we need to achieve. Patricia Espinosa - Executive Secretary, UN Climate Change Slide For Elo, IIGCC membership enhances our ability to analyse climate risk as well as strengthen our engagement with companies and policy-makers. Given IIGCC’s members consist of market leaders on sustainable investment, there is also mutual benefit in sharing new ideas and collaborating on such a vital topic. Hanna Hiidenpalo - CIO, Elo Slide At Generation we think deeply about climate risk and ways in which sustainability measures could affect long-term value creation. As many of IIGCC’s members are leaders in the field, it is mutually advantageous to collaborate and share knowledge in this area to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable form of capitalism. David Blood - President and co-founder, Generation Investment Management Slide Addressing climate change with responsible investment goes hand in hand with good financial performance for us. As a meeting point for leading investors, IIGCC enables participants to engage with companies and policy-makers to debate and influence how we invest for a prosperous, low-carbon future. Peter Branner - CIO, APG Asset Management Slide We are members of IIGCC because it is recognised as a leading organisation for expertise and actions supporting the integration of climate change into decision making. Informed IIGCC engagement work also complements other initiatives helping investors drive the transition to a low carbon economy, like the Transition Pathway Initiative. Emma Howard Boyd - Chair of the Environment Agency Pension Fund Investment Committee and Chair of the Environment Agency Slide As a board member of the two largest U.S. public pension funds, I value IIGCC’s work in organising European investors to engage with their portfolio companies on the urgent need for climate risk disclosure. With the powerful collaboration of the Climate Action 100+ initiative, investors can gain valuable insight into how well companies have aligned their business strategies to meet the 2-degrees goal. Betty T. Yee - California State Controller Endorsements

Member Benefits

Benefits of membership

Joining IIGCC offers a range of benefits for member organisations.

Through enhanced effectiveness:

  •  Understanding and insight across the issues that count for members.
  •  Pioneering best practice through member led collaboration with experts. We develop and help members apply leading-edge best practice approaches to climate change and its impact on the investor agenda.
  •  Collaboration in a community of leading senior finance professionals and executives. We are truly member-led, with membership providing opportunity to work, engage with and learn from peers and other organisations across the sector.
  • Competitive advantage in safeguarding and enhancing long-term investment value, through a deeper investor understanding of climate risk and opportunities to ensure they are addressed in investment and stewardship practices.

Through sector leadership:

  • A global voice, being included in the collective influence of IIGCC membership and part of an organisation that is the investor voice on climate change. We develop and advance sector positions on key issues for the investment community.
  • A global network, with IIGCC at the heart of key global investor initiatives on climate change. This includes Climate Action 100+ and the Investor Agenda. We also work closely with similar investor networks across the globe through the Global Investor Coalition on Climate Change.
  • Reputational benefit in demonstrating a commitment to responsible investment and fiduciary duty through participation in the IIGCC. Members also benefit from opportunities to raise the profile of their organisation and their professionals.
  • Corporate leadership by contributing to change across the wider financial community in addressing climate change, creating a sustainable financial system and building a low carbon economy.


Membership categories

Membership categories

Investor membership

IIGCC Investor Membership is open to asset owners and asset managers, subject to approval by IIGCC's board.

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Associate membership

IIGCC Associate Membership is open to financial service providers, such as investment consultancies, investment banks, law firms and rating agencies, subject to approval by IIGCC's board.

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Church Investor Group membership (CIG membership)

IIGCC Church Investor Group Joint Membership is open to all church investors who participate in the Church Investors Group (CIG) with assets of less than £500 million and subject to approval by IIGCC's board.

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