Updated Letter from Global Investors to Governments of the G7 and G20 Nations


Published: 08/05/2017

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Long-term institutional investors representing more than USD 22 Trillion in assets wrote G7 heads of state urging governments to stand by their commitments to the Paris Agreement before their Summit in Taormina, Italy on May 26-27. The same letter - backed by further signatories (as at 30 June 2017) has also been sent to G20 leaders before their July 2017 summit in Hamburg, Germany on 7-8 July.  

This letter, published originally on 08 May 2017 (and updated 22 May and 3 July), alongside a briefing paper is co-sponsored by IIGCC and five other organisations who work with investors on the climate change agenda and co- sponsor the Investor Platform for Climate Actions.

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