Carbon Compass: Investor guide to carbon footprinting


Published: 23/11/2015

Key topics:

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This user-friendly guide developed by KeplerCheuvreux in cooperation with the IIGCC, the 2Degrees Investing Initiative and Deloitte is designed to help connect carbon footprint analysis with investment objectives such as minimising risk and meeting climate targets. There are a growing number of Carbon footprint services available, but how can investors use these tools for communication, engagement and decision-making? The ‘Carbon  Compass’ reviews each methodology and answers the most commonly-asked questions simply and practically.

This guide answers the 10 main questions that investors asking on the topic of carbon and climate change metrics.

 - What scope should I include and what is the problem with double counting?

 - How do I aggregate the results at portfolio level, and what metric should I use to normalise?

 - What about other asset classes?

 - What is the best technique to estimate data?

 - How can I assess data quality and how can verification and assurance help?

 - What approach for green-brown share?

 - What about calculating avoided emissions?

 - Benchmarks: what do they tell me?

 - What alternative benchmarks are emerging?

 - What are the main differences between data providers?

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