Investor Expectations of Automotive Companies 2016


Published: 11/10/2016

Key topics: Investor expectations

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The latest in the series, Investor Expectations of Automotive Companies - Shifting gears to accelerate the transition to low carbon vehicles is intended to enable investors to engage with the boards of automotive (and component supply) companies about their efforts to address climate change risk and place sustainability at the heart of the industry’s future. The expectations in the guide go further than suggesting automotive companies should support compliance with 2°C regulatory regime. They also address engagement with suppliers, governments and industry peers to innovate for zero emissions vehicles and supporting infrastructure, efforts to close the gap between real world and emissions testing, the development of long-term decarbonisation strategy and mobility services, investment in sustainable driving technologies and product pipelines, the use of meaningful targets and metrics to cut greenhouse gas emissions in manufacturing, fleet and supply chains.    

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