Climate Change: Implications for Investors and Financial Institutions


Published: 25/06/2014

Key topics:

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The Fifth Assessment Report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is a comprehensive analysis of our changing climate. It provides one of the main scientific fact bases that will be used to formulate climate policies around the world. This document is one of a series synthesizing the most pertinent findings of AR5 for finance and investment sectors. It was born of the belief that investors could make more use of the IPCC report, which is long and highly technical, if it were distilled into an accurate, accessible, timely, relevant and readable summary. 

IIGCC's Climate Risk programme participated in the review process of this document, along with UNEP-FI, The University of Cambridge, and the European Climate Foundation. 

You can also find an infographic summarising the key points from the summary here

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