An Investable Emissions Reduction Plan


Published: 29/03/2017

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IIGCC was asked by the UK Government 's Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy to offer commentary from the investor's point of view on how the UK should develop a sustainable long-term national plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions.  

This document, developed in discussion with members:

  •  - Sets out a number of core principles that any country should employ when developing an emissions reduction plan to deliver their Paris Agreement commitments (including net zero emissions by 2050) and applies them in the UK context;
  •  - Calls for a clear and ambitious long-term UK decarbonisation strategy, focused in particular on three key sectors (power generation, buildings/heat and transport);
  •  - Warns that  without greater vision, leadership and clarity from Government about its decarbonisation planning, the UK may fail to attract sufficient investment to build a low carbon economy.

Having developed this framework and used it in a UK context it is hoped that the same approach can now be used to analyse climate and energy plans in other countries.

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