A guide on climate change for private equity investors


Published: 03/03/2010

Key topics: Climate risk

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This guide is designed for pension fund trustees who are limited partners (LPs) in private equity funds and private equity fund managers, general partners (GPs), who are managing these funds. It aims to increase awareness of these investors to the risks, and opportunities, associated with climate change and related policy developments. The guide is set out as a series of questions, with practical examples, covering the themes of awareness, measurement, opportunities, adaptation and mitigation. 

For many traditional private equity investments, such as in energy intensive industries, investment performance will be impacted by climate change and the policy responses taken to curb or adapt to it. Policies to mitigate climate change and new technologies to address these new challenges will provide business and investment opportunities for private equity funds. This document offers guidance on how such factors might be considered by LPs when selecting their managers and by GPs when selecting investments.

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