The mission of IIGCC’s Corporate programme is to deepen investor understanding of the nature of risks and opportunities faced by companies, as well as their strategies and performance in addressing and disclosing them. There is also a special focus on company views on climate change policy.

Climate policy and the changing climate create substantial risks and opportunities for companies, who also have a central role to play in successful climate change mitigation and adaptation. 

Investor expectation guides offer guidance for investors on the risks and opportunities posed by climate change and climate policy for different asset classes, including public equities, private equity and real estate. They discuss how these factors might be considered by pension funds when selecting or evaluating their investment managers and by asset managers in their investment practices, decision-making and client reporting arrangements. They are being used increasingly by investors to drive more meaningful engagement with carbon-intensive and high emitting companies that face substantial risks arising from climate change. To complement and enhance its work to facilitate meaningful and effective global investor dialogue with high impact companies IIGCC's Corporate Programme formed a Shareholder Resolutions 'sub group' in 2017 to incorporate the selective use of insitutional quality shareholder resolutions (pionereed and led previously by the 'Aiming for A' initiative).   

IIGCC members also engage with companies about corporate and trade association lobbying at EU level, to help ensure climate regulations are aligned with shareholder interests. Under this IIGCC coordinated a letter in 2015 on behalf of 51 investors from 8 countries representing over 4.4 trillion in AUM which asked companies about their positions on investor-agreed climate policy issues in relation to their business strategy and how they ensure alignment between their stated positions and lobbying practices. Investors continue to engage on this key issue. 

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