IIGCC supports activities and facilitates investor cooperation within the network and with external parties. Membership provides investors with a variety of benefits.


Invitations to speak and attend high-level stakeholder events and meetings with policy makers;

Participation in a network of institutional investors from 12 countries as well as North America, Australia and Asia via IIGCC’s involvement in the Global Investor Coalition on Climate Change.

Knowledge sharing

Regular webinars and events provide opportunities to hear expert guidance on how to assess and manage the risks and opportunities of climate change and climate policy;

Access to analysis of company responses to corporate disclosure frameworks and on company management of material climate-related risks and opportunities.


Demonstrates to clients and beneficiaries effort to manage the material risks associated with climate change;

Members' emerging best practices on climate change highlighted in IIGCC’s member survey and in the press.


IIGCC receives direct invitations to climate and energy policy meetings hosted by the European Commission, European Parliament and national governments offering opportunities for member participation;

IIGCC members have met with or been invited to make contributions to the UNFCCC, IPCC, OECD, IEA, and other multilateral fora on the subject of climate change.

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